Beata Island Facts

Beata is

Beata Island is the second largest adjacent island to the Dominican Republic, it´s located about 4 miles (7 Km) off the coast from Cape Beata, the southernmost point of the island of Hispaniola with an approximate area of 10 square miles.(27 Km²). The island is uninhabited but for a small fishermen village.

The island is home to a large Rhinoceros Iguana population, as for a small colony of wild goats. In 2001 Blair Hedges and Richard Thomas described the Jaragua spahero or Dwarf Gecko (Sphaerodactylus ariasae) wich is one of the world’s smallest reptiles and endemic to Beata Island.

There is a small fishing village on the west shore of the island occupied by fishermen from the mainland, from there we will be QRV on Jan 25, 2017