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Beata HI1 DXpedition Jan-2017

Beata HI1  DXpedition Jan-2017
Dates Announced! HI1UD will be QRV from Jan. 25 to Feb. 1 2017 from Beata Island (NA-122) We are in the planning stages and we will publish new info as it develops.

Beata DXpetition team on the first st...

Beata DXpetition team on the first stages of planning for the 2017 Beata DXpedidion.
From Left to Right   HI3MPC – Mike HI3TT – Franky HI3CC – Tino HI3RWP – Rod HI8RD – Rigo HI8K – Alfredo HI8C – Josemi HI3Y – Lor (In the back) HI3MRV – Marcos HI8EES – Efra